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November 15 2012

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November 03 2012

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Born in Anderson Indian February 3 1976. Lived in Indiana for 5 years of life. Moved to Keene Texas where I grew up. Lived there and went to school thru 9th grade year. Moved to Pennsylvania in 1991. Graduated High School Conneaut Christian School. Collegework at University of the Arts in Philadelphia – Ceramics Major.

August 2001 got married and started Imperial Systems in 2001 in Grove City, PA. Been in business for 10 years (Imperial Systems). Currently reside in Mercer, Pennsylvania.

Growth in business in the past 11 years – approximately 45 employees with leading edge in fabricating and manufacturing.

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October 30 2012

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Athlete with various sports – highly active with running, bicycling. Board Member for Jackson Center Industrial Committee (Mercer County). Active in Board for 7 years and continued passion.
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